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¡Hola! My name is Laura and I confess: I am addicted to traveling!

As you have stumbled upon this blog, I am sure you can relate. They say for each person in this world there’s this one place. After visits to absorbing and fascinating cities such as New York, Miami, Barcelona or Tokyo I learned that this place for me is London. Though fate has it that I don’t live there right now, luckily I can visit London at anytime (which I virtually do). In this blog I want to bring you London as close as possible, share genuine inside knowledge with you, give advice and recommendations – all while never losing sight of the most important landmarks and attractions the city has to offer.

My first visit to London came relatively late – at the age of 20 – along fellow university students. Since then I have visited the city dozens of times and always found a new reason to return. London’s districts, people, parties, museums… This city is boundless and just waits to be discovered.

Finding London’s best kept secrets without forgetting the city’s characteristic sights: It’s also how I liked to discover London in the past (and continue to discover it). And it’s this combination that makes this city and this blog so special. Hope you have fun reading!

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Laura Haig
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