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8. July 2019
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Hi, I’m Laura and I’m a passionate traveler like most of you. They say there is a place in the world for everyone, and after traveling to such fascinating cities as New York, Miami, Berlin or Tokyo, I was surprised to find out that my place is in London. Due to life circumstances, I cannot live in London, but luckily, living in Europe, I can visit it whenever I want.

Taking advantage of this unusual situation, I can tell you in this blog all you need to know to combine local wisdom with the best tricks and points of interest for tourists.

My first visit to London was when I was 19, with some colleagues from the university. Since then I have visited the city dozens of times and each time I have found a new reason to come back. Its neighborhoods, people, festivals, museums … London knows no limits and is the ideal destination for everyone, no matter what you like.

In this blog, I attempt to tell you everything you need to know to discover the best-kept secrets of London without missing the most characteristic attractions of the city. This is the way I discovered (and still discover) London. I hope you like it 🙂

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